Cats must be able to adapt from wild animals to domestic pets with care. To ensure their safety and health, they need vaccinations. They won’t all be available at once, and your cat may fall if you do not have enough. The 2022 Cat Vaccination Calendar should always be on hand

Vaccination Calendar Cats 2022

It is important that you adhere to the 2022 Cat Vaccination Calendar. Many feline diseases are invisible to the naked eye, and do not have symptoms. It is vital to ensure that your cat lives a happy, healthy life.

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This guideline, although there is not an official cat vaccination schedule, will help you choose when to vaccinate your cat.


8 Weeks – The Feline Tetravalent should be administered to the cat’s first dose. The cat should not be exposed to other cats or travel outside. This vaccine protects against three types of diseases: feline panleukopenia (panleukopenia), herpesvirus(calicivirus), and feline pervovirus (female Parvovirus).

10-12 Weeks – The Feline Quadrivalent receives its second dose four weeks later. The time should not exceed 15 days, but it shouldn’t exceed 30. If the first attempt fails, you will need to start over.

16 weeks – Your cat will receive the first dose of Feline Leukemia at 16 weeks. If your cat spends a lot outside, this is a must.

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19 Weeks – The second dose should take place approximately three weeks after the first.

24 Weeks – Although not mandatory in certain areas, we recommend that your cat receive the Rabies Vaccine within 6 months.


  • Remember that your cat must be revaccinated each year.
  • Feline Quadrivalent Vaccine
  • Feline Leukemia Vaccine
  • Rabies Vaccine


There are many vaccines that can be recommended, even if they aren’t included on the 2022 Cat Vaccination Calendar.

Chlamydophila – If your cat is at home, it is a good idea to vaccinate him for this disease. The disease could also spread to humans. Because it is easily identified by the constant tearing, it is easy to spot it.


Except in some regions, vaccinations may not be required. Vaccinations are the best choice if you want to keep your feline friend healthy and safe. To help them find and identify themselves quickly, each pet should have an identification by 2022.

Cats 2022 Rabies Vaccination Calendar

The high rate of animal abandonment in Spain inspired this initiative. Each animal can be identified using the DNI and their owner can be fined.


The big question is: What data is going to be available for the DNI cat? It is the data that assists in the identification and treatment of the animal.

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The DNI will include the cat’s medical history as well as any treatment received. They can handle any eventuality of the cat being retained, until it is returned to its owner if it is located.


The best thing about the 2022 DNI for cats (Digital Numeric Identification), is that it complements the microchip. The current identification element will remain. A document with more information and useful information will be added in the cat’s file.

Do you have to submit the DNI FOR CATS-2022?

The DNI 2022 is required for cats. The DNI 2022 for cats is mandatory, especially if your cat has been misplaced.


Draft Law for the Protection and Rights of Animals contains a mandatory DNI for cats 2022. This is a preventative measure against animal abandonment.

The Bill provides protection for animals with a DNI in many areas, including when it is time to kill them. To avoid unnecessary suffering, the Bill requires that a veterinarian decides if an animal should be put to sleep.


They are protected against aggression, mutilation or physical abuse and can be fined and punished. These prohibitions are contained in the DNI, so owners must be clear about how to treat their cats.

The 2022 DNI (Dog Nut In) for Cats also stipulates that the cat must be in good health and part of the family. The pet should not be kept alone or locked up. Sometimes, it can even be considered animal abuse. It is important to maintain a level of hygiene and cleanliness appropriate for your cat.

Owners are responsible for controlling uncontrolled reproduction. This includes controlling pests and overpopulation.

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It is important that your cat is relieved in a safe area.

It’s a common thing and will eventually end. It is strictly prohibited to transport the cat in a vehicle. This could lead to sanctions. If the cat wanders unattended on the streets, the owner will not be present. It is a good thing to have a law protecting our pets’ health.