Take care of the cat: Cats saved from under tube escalators


Take care of the cat: Cats saved from under tube escalators

After spotting a cat and kitten living under new escalators in a London Underground station, workers called animal rescuers. After spotting the black-and-white Cats saved with her four kittens under an escalator at Moorgate Tube Station’s new HS2 line, a woman called us just before 5pm on Wednesday, 20 March.

Cats are in danger

Siobhan Trinnaman, our animal welfare officer (AWO), rushed to the rescue to help the feline families. She stated:

A call came in about a kitten-sized cat living with her litter under the escalator at Moorgate station’s new section. This area is currently being constructed. It is dangerous for cats because it is where the mechanism is to operate the escalator.

The station staff stated that the escalator would be starting test runs at 6pm. I had to rush to get there fast to make sure the cats were safe and to avoid any delays. They were concerned that they could be hurt or killed if they stayed there while the escalator ran.

I went straight there, but mom was not present. I found the kittens, moved them to safety, and set a trap for mom.

Our hospital offers resting facilities

Siobhan brought the kittens, who were only a few days old, to Harmsworth Animal Hospital. She stated:

They were small and had their eyes closed even though they were very tiny

They were too dangerous to leave there and I didn’t want them to be hurt. Although I was worried about the mother, I received a call a few hours later to inform me that she had been safely trapped. She went to pick mum up and was soon reunited at our hospital with her kittens.

Mum was slightly thin due to a nose cut, but she was otherwise healthy.

Although she was wearing a collar, she wasn’t microchipped. I have a sign at the station, but it is extremely rare to see a cat in such an area so I don’t know where she came from.

I learned later that Moorgate’s station code is MOG, so maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised that that’s where my mom decided to build her home.

If owners are not located, the pet can be rehomed.

The hospital staff named the cat Elizabeth in honor of the Crossrail (or Elizabeth) line being built at the station. The three kittens, one girl and three boys, were also given Underground-inspired names, Bow, Colin and Dale (after Bow Road and Colindale, Earl’s Court).

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