These are some facts you might not know about rabbits


Bunnies are happy when they’re ‘binky’

Binkying is a happy hop in the air and twist of the body that makes a rabbit’s feet kicking unmistakably sound like joy.

To be healthy, they need plenty of space

Studies show that young rabbits who don’t have enough space for running around are more likely than others to break bones. Because they don’t have the right opportunities for proper body building, this is why they are more likely to break bones. Learn more about the space that rabbits require.

It can be very traumatizing for rabbits to be hypnotized.

Trancing, also known as placing a rabbit on its back and gently stroking their back legs, is a way to make them happy and relaxed. It’s recommended to foster a bond between owner and pet. Unfortunately, it is the exact opposite. A rabbit will go into “tonic immobility” if they are held in such a position. They are trying convince the predator, in this case the person “hypnotizing” them, that they are dead so they can be released. Research has shown that rabbits who are hypnotized or tranced have physiological responses that mirror those of victims of trauma.

They are very clean

You can watch rabbits grabbing their ears and bringing them down on their faces to wash them. This is one of the most adorable animal behaviors you will ever see. Blue Cross can’t back up this claim with any scientific facts, but we challenge you to watch a rabbit do this …!).

It’s possible that your rabbit is urinating in its bottom. This could indicate a health problem.

They don’t like carrots.

Bugs Bunny has many questions. Root vegetables should not be a part of a rabbit’s diet. Carrots are high in sugar, so they should only be given occasionally and in very small quantities.

Crepuscular rabbits are common

They are most active between dusk and dawn, and at night. They also love to snooze at night.

They are extremely social

Rabbits love being around people, and they can often recognize their owners by sight or sound. Prey animals, rabbits prefer to keep their feet on the ground. They can be trained and make great pets.

Rabbits eat their own waste

It’s totally natural, but don’t be alarmed. Caecotrophs are their clever digestive system that produces droppings. They eat these to ensure they receive the best nutrition.

Their ears don’t have to be flopped down

Have you ever seen wild rabbits with floppy ears in the wild? Because of our obsession with cuteness and breeding rabbits, some rabbit breeds have flat ears and flat faces. This look can be very annoying, even though it may seem cute.

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