New methods of controlling the flea season are being developed

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Fun Fact! Fun Fact! It’s possible that sensory inputs not directly related to it may be mistakenly interpreted as “itchy”. This means that you may feel the need to scratch if you see someone else itch, or if they talk about fleas.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but please be ready to itch.

The Flea- and Tick season are coming soon. It is also “upon” you pets, and your home. Flea problems can be found all year round in this region, but they tend to peak in the summer and spring. Early prevention is the best way to avoid the summer flea outbreak. There are many effective and safe products available, and this year a new product has been released to prevent tick and flea infestations in dogs.

Nexgard is a soft beef flavoured chewable tablet, which is administered once per month. It contains the ingredient afoxolaner, which kills fleas through over stimulating their nervous systems. In just 30 minutes, it starts killing fleas. A recent study found that fleas were killed by 100% within 24 hours. It kills adult fleas prior to their eggs laying. It also kills three types ticks. Safe for puppies up to 8 weeks old and over 4 pounds.

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Other effective products include ticks heartworm, flea and tick control as well as deworming aids. Capstar, Sentinel Comfortis, Comfortis, and Trifexis are all oral tablets. Advantage, Advantage multi and Revolution are topically applied products. Some products are immediate while others are intended to be used as a preventative every month.

There are four injectables for cats: Revolution, Advantage, Capstar, and Program.

Your veterinarian is the best person to talk to about which product is right for you pet. Your veterinarian will take into account your pet’s overall health, lifestyle, and past experiences with other products.

Fleas can bite pets up to 400 times per hour. Each bite leaves a tiny amount of flea saliva underneath the skin, which can cause severe itching. Flea infestations can cause death in kittens and puppies. Fleas reproduce quickly and can lay up 40 eggs each day. Flea infestations can be present in your environment by the time you first notice them. Fleas can spread to any animal that is infested, making your pet a “salt shaker”, which will leave new flea sources around your home and yard.

As with most things, prevention is better that reaction. It is possible to predict that pets will be susceptible to flea. Talk to your veterinarian to learn how to keep them and their environment flea- and tick-free.