10 Types of Yellow Birds in the World


Birds are one the most widespread species of human life. Birds can be seen perched on trees or singing in the afternoon. Humans are familiar with 10,000 species of bird species. We are often in close contact with them. Birds are vertebrate mammals that have been adapted to fly. Here’s a list of the 10 most common yellow birds around the globe.

  1. American Goldfinch

The American Goldfinch, a small North American bird belonging to the finch family, is an American Goldfinch. This bird species is native to Nearctic, and can be found in most of North America (birds of Iowa). It is attracted to floodplains and weedy fields. It can live up to 3 to 6 years in nature, and the oldest case recorded is 10 years and five months. It can grow to 11-14 cm in length and a wingspan between 19-22 cm. The species’ avarage weight is between 11 and 20 grams. It is well-known for its unusual colouration. The species is one of the most beautiful yellowbirds. However, the females are olive below and dull yellow above. They also have two distinct wings bars. It is a seedhead feeder and will also eat garden plants and beet greens. It is also one of the most beautiful black and yellow birds in the world.

  1. American Yellow Warbler

The American Yellow Warbler, a cute and small bird that is popular as a songbird, belongs to the New World warblers family. There are currently 35 species of yellow warblers. They can be found mostly in North, Central, and South America. It prefers to be at 9.000 feet above sea level, but its numbers are declining due to habitat destruction, pesticide pollution, and accidental collisions or man-made objects. The appearance is bright yellow with a bright green plumage and a brightly coloured belly. The males are brightly colored and have reddish-brown markings along the breast and flanks. The wild life expectancy of this bird species is 10 year.


3. Cape Weaver

Cape Weaver, a beautiful yellow-colored bird, is well-known for its nest-weaving abilities. It is also known as instinct behavior. It measures 18 cm in length and is most commonly seen in flocks. The wings are blackish and have yellow-green edges. The colour of male birds is cream, while the colour of female birds is brown. Cape weaver produces an urgent call called ‘chunk and chunk’a nd. Sometimes, they also utter a quick ‘azwitt,a-zwitt’. These bird species are endemic in South Africa and Lesotho. It eats fruits, nectar, and grass seeds, among other things.

4. Black-crested Bulbul

The Black-crested Bulbul, one of the most beautiful yellow birds in the family of passerine bird species, is one of many. This bird species is found from the Indian subcontinent to Southeast Asia. The bird species can grow to 19 cm in height and thrives in dense forest and scrub. The head of each bird species is black with various shades of yellow. The plumage of both male and female birds is similar. However, the younger species can be distinguished by their duller colors. It prefers to nest in a bush, and eats fruit and insects.

5. Yellow-Gold Pheasant

The Yellow Golden Pheasant, also known as Chinese Pheasant, is one of the most popular species of pheasant that is native to the mountainous forests in Central and Western China. It thrives in dense forests, woodlands, and sparsely undergrowth. The colorful bird eats invertebrates as well as berries, seeds, grubs, and other types of vegetation. It has a golden-yellow crown with a slight red tinge at the tip. It is a beautiful yellow bird, with its wattles and orbital skin being yellow. Males can reach up to 110 cm while females can reach up to 65 cm. The average weight of these bird species ranges from 350 to 700g. They mostly eat insects, grubs and seeds. Golden is also listed among the birds with the longest tails.

6. Silver-eared Mesia

Silver-eared Mesia belongs to the Timaliidae species. This bird can be found in Bangladesh, Bhutan and Cambodia as well as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos and Malaysia. The bird is found in high bushes, usually between 500 and 2000 metres above sea level, along with the edges of forests and trees. This small bird can grow to 16.5-18 cm in length. The male and female species have slight sexual dimorphisms, with the male having a red rump and the female having an orange. The black cap is a type of black moustache, and can be identified by its silver cheek and feathers. In the wild, it can live for 7.8 years.


7.Golden Palm Weaver

The Golden Palm Weaver, a species of bird, is part of the weaver family Ploceidae. These bird species are most common in eastern Africa, especially in Somalia, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, and Somalia. The bird is known to make a nest from thin palm leaves that are woven into a hollow ball. It has a bright yellow appearance with light-brown streaks along its wings. This beautiful yellow bird is known for its long, thick black beak and golden face. It has dark eyes and pink legs. It can reach 18 cm (7 inches) in height and eats mostly seeds. Crows, other birds and reptiles are the primary predators. After 18-20 days, the chicks are released from their nest.

  1. Cream-Colored Woodpecker

The distinctive yellow plumage, beak and dark brown wings of the cream-coloured woodpecker are what make it so popular. With its bright red malar stripe, the male species can be distinguished from the female. It can reach a height of between 24 and 26 cm, and weighs approximately 95 to 130g. This bird is native to South America, where it can be found in Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas to Peru and Bolivia. It can also be seen in the eastern half of Brazi. It thrives in forests, mangroves and forests near water. It is a termite and arboreal ant feeder.

9. Golden parakeet

The golden parakeet, also known as the golden conure, is a medium-sized Neotropical parrot that is golden yellow and is native to the Amazon Basin in interior northern Brazil. It is known for its bright yellow plumage, which makes it one of the most beautiful yellow birds in the world. Flooding and deforestation are causing a decline in the popularity of this bird. Georg Markgraf, a German naturalist, first described the bird and named it Guaruba during his 1638 expedition to Dutch Brazil. It is also known by the Queen of Bavaria Conure. It can grow to 34 cm in length and eats a variety of diets, including mango, muruci, acai, flowers and buds, as well as seeds, nuts, and seeds.

10. Mexican Yellow Grosbeak

The Mexican Yellow Grosbeak, also known as yellow grosbeak, is a medium-sized bird species that belonged to the Cardinalidae family. This bird species can be found in Guatemala and western Mexico. It is closely related to the Black-headed Grosbeak, and Rose-breasted Grosbeak. It thrives in semi-open habitats with thickets, brush, and sometimes scrubland. It eats seeds, fruits, berries, insects, and spiders. They love to build nests on small trees and use leaves, twigs and grasses as material. Mexican Yellow Grosbeak’s song is a series sweet, slow whistles. They are considered permanent residents throughout their entire range, and therefore they are not considered to be migratory birds.