What to Expect When You’re A New Fur Parent

Pet care

Simple things like waving their tails whenever they come home or laying next to them can transform the world into a better one. The warm feeling you get while you cuddle your pet is unique. If you’re a first-time parent you may not enjoy the pleasure of owning dogs. It isn’t easy to see the benefits of caring for dogs if you’ve never done this before. Don’t worry! Read on to find out what to expect and the best way to prepare.

Dogs require certain basic needs as do humans do. In order to ensure your dog receives the correct food, it’s important to have a food bowl. Your dog’s age and breed determine what food they should eat. Most small and toy dogs require less food than large or old dogs. It is also important to give your dog a water source that is easily accessible. Dogs may suddenly thirsty when it gets hot, or pet Care after playing. Water that is easy to access and convenient for them will help to quench their thirst. Dogs are also fond of snuggling in tight spaces. They often opt to keep their own little nooks and corners in their homes. It is essential to keep your home clean as they can find the comfort they seek anyplace. It is essential to provide a comfortable and clean space for your pet to rest particularly if you have a dog bed. Lastly, our four-legged friends are some of the most loving pets. It is important to show them love and attention.

Parasites and diseases

Having dogs is not imbued solely by joy and pleasure. There are some weights which come with the responsibility. We could end up spending days watching our dogs get sick from parasites and diseases if we are negligent. One of the most frequent parasites that dogs suffer from is ticks. They are small in size but can have a profound impact on the health of a dog. They can trigger discomfort and itching in dogs. They also carry Lyme disease, anemia and even fever in the most severe instances. Ticks as well as other parasites are common so it is important to learn how to treat them. Learn more about ticks to know more.

Core Vaccines

Are you concerned about whether your dog will easily catch a disease like the notorious parvovirus. It is recommended to give your dog the essential vaccines as they are young. There are also different vaccines to treat heartworms, rabies, kennel cough, leptospirosis and more. If you want your dog to get a complete vaccination to protect them from the spread of these deadly illnesses, it’s recommended to speak with an accredited veterinarian.

Regular Check-up

Adults as well as puppies need to be vaccinated. Before you schedule your dog’s annual vaccination, it’s best to undergo a titers test at first. Tests for titers determine if your dog requires vaccination. It is usually done by the blood test for antibodies determining if the former vaccine is still active in your pet Advice dog’s immune system. By using this test, we will be able to prevent unnecessary vaccinations. Many states require that pets are vaccined against Rabies each year. Therefore, in the United States, a titer test is not recommended when you are vaccinating your dog for Rabies since vaccination against rabies is mandatory.


Over time, dog fur can become matted and greasy. Grooming can help your dog’s hair appear new and fresh. Grooming removes dead hair, dandruff, and parasites from the dog’s clustered hairs. The grooming of a dog doesn’t only happen in the vet. It is possible to do it at home, by brushing and cleaning your dog’s hair, trimming the nails and making sure their teeth are well-maintained. In the end, you’re keeping your dog’s appearance and physical well-being in good order!

These are only some of the things to look at when your four-legged friend becomes your best friend. Of course, you’ll meet more challenges as your dog gets older. It is likely that you will be able to overcome any hurdles. It is hard to let go of your furry children when you are an animal parent.